Hi queer activists and feminist folks,
The 2nd Feminist Blog Camp is coming!

This year we will be hosted in Livorno, at the ‘Ex Caserma Del Fante’, on the 28/29/30 September 2012. We will land in a free port as fearless queer pirates for three days of sharing, seminars, workshops, video projections, debates, music, art, theater, readings, culture, hacking, discussions on desire and sexuality, job insecurity, migrants issues and much more. The camp is entirely self-funded and realized by its own participants.

The Feminist Blog Camp is an event promoted by a group of Italian feminist media activists, both females and males deserters of patriarchy, who are already part of an anti-sexist movement particularly – but not exclusively – active on the net. The participants to the final meeting that concluded the first edition of the camp showed the desire to make the FBC a regular appointment, always open to new subjects and new subjectivities but keeping the same ways of participation and organizational tools which proved their effectiveness last year.

As it was for the first Feminist Blog Camp, which was held in Turin at the Askatasuna Social Center, this second event will be held in a place where anti-fascism means active participation in the creation of struggles, desires, and anti-authoritarian relationships. The Feminist Blog Camp will be open to all of you, even if you don’t have a blog.

The Feminist Blog Camp is imagined, constructed and organized in an open and participatory way by enrolling to the mailing list which serves as coordination tool for all the bloggers. If you have a blog, a web site, an online page, you may sign up to the mailing list and help us organizing this camp: http://www.autistici.org/mailman/listinfo/blogfemministi (please note that at the moment discussions are held only in Italian, but translations in English of the most important topics will be possible if needed!).

For any contribution, proposal, request or info on the accommodation please write to: feministblogcamp [at] grrlz [dot] net

If you are on facebook you can find us here.


The Wiki, which is the tool of collective elaboration and shared construction of Feminist Blog Camp.

The Wiki archive of the first Feminist Blog Camp held in Turin on 28/29/30 October 2011 at the Askatasuna.